Reddit Investigator


Where do you get this data?

All the data you see is gathered from the comments/submission you make on Reddit.
Reddit Investigator gathers the posts, analyze them and show them in a better way. Just that.

Why does the page counter has different colors?

Reddit does not provide a way to tell how many posts you have made. So we have to guess.
Anyway this is an important data to understand how long will the gathering process take, therefore I developed a way to get an estimated number.
When you analyze a redditor Reddit Investigator save the number of pages analyzed.
Green if someone rescan the same redditor in 3 days, witch means that the pages number is probably very accurate.
Yellow if someone rescan the same redditor after 3 days, witch means that the pages number might vary a little.
Red if we do not know anything. This number is estimated by counting the post/day in relation at the days since registration. Might be very wrong.

Why does it takes so much to load?

Reddit Investigator has to crawl in the reddit data. And this can be a quite long process, also you must consider that reddit should not be hurt in the process.
The guideline for the use of reddit APIs says that a client should not hit reddit more than once every 2 seconds. Since a lot of users might be using Reddit Investigator, especially in the first days, this wait time has been extended to 4 seconds for free users, 3 seconds for registered users and 2.5 seconds for Pro users. Anyway we would like to ask users to use Reddit Investigation with moderation to avoid hurting Reddit. Same applies to wait time between scans.

How do you get the fun guessed data?

Counting the posts in some predeterminated subreddits.
For example if the user has never posted in /r/gaming he is probably not interested in games, instead if he has a lot of posts he is probably an hardcore gamer.
Similar thing happends for the country. Investigator looks through a list of countries and if an user posted in /r/italy several times means that he is probably from Italy.

Why did you put a limit on the scans?

Unfortunatly this is something that i had to do, even if I wasn't really sure about it. Reddit will probably suffer for the huge load created by this website. A limit on the requests made to their website, also considering Investigator need Reddit to be up to work, was the minimum I could do.
Anyway, after many test i noticed that most redditors do not have more than maybe 200 posts, the 15 pages limit will aloow you to scan up to 375 posts and links, that should be enought, also considering that even if there is more to scan, those posts will give a good idea of the user.

I want XY feature!

Send your requests to duiker101 AT gmail DOT com.